We are so thankful for the kindness and compassion shown by Gentle Hands Cherished Paws. I spoke with Dr. Jason last week to discuss a consultation for our beloved Sir Bon Bon who had longstanding gut motility and constipation issues. Since adoption in April 2021 we have tried switching his diet, changing brands, high fiber vs low fiber, and putting him on stool softeners and meds. He had several vet visits and a hospital at the local ER hospital for deobstipation. Our Bon Bon appeared to be having more frequent flares and appeared to be in pain. He started eating less, became more lethargic, and hid more from us. I have never had to make this type of call before on any of my furry friends in the past so I didn’t know quite what to expect. Dr. Jason was so kind to listen and set up an appointment for a consultation the following day. The vet that came out to the house the next day (I’m so sorry, I wish I could recall her name) was so kind, so compassionate and had thoroughly reviewed Bon Bon’s records upon arrival. We were able to ask questions about his long-standing quality of life and an exam confirmed our worst fears. He was severely obstipated. With her guidance, we decided that since he was on the upper dosing max for all the meds and had had so many prior procedures before for a clean out that we would say goodbye to our beloved friend. She explained everything so well, was so gentle with Bon Bon, and allowed us time to give him kisses and hugs. Your kindness and compassion during the whole time were just amazing and comforting to us in a very difficult time for us. We truly can’t express in words just how thankful we feel. From the bottom of our hearts thank you. The Whitby Family