Storm & Zeke, the final chapter

I recall as a young man, not really having aspirations of raising a family. I did however, want a dog and his name was always going to be Zeke. I can’t give you a real reason for the name other than it’s just a good, solid, name for a dog.

As I’ve looked back on our lives these past few days, I’ve come to learn a lot about myself and the type of person I want to be. I have many of you to thank for this as well. I don’t know why I started writing these chapters, I just did. The act, it seemed right. The responding outflow of love and support has been far more amazing than words can describe. I am humbled and grateful.

Today, I’m taking Zena to doggy daycare. Early this morning in fact. I’ve been very careful over the years about letting Zeke eat human food. Outside of his birthday steaks and marrow bones, I’ve done pretty well. Today though, things will be a little different.

We’re starting off with a massive bacon and eggs breakfast, followed by burgers and dogs for lunch and one final steak for dinner. Somewhere along the line, we’ll go for a short walk if he wants to, and then I’m going to brush him. I may even see if he will eat an ice cream cone. I really don’t know if he will or not.

My friend, his godmother and a few others are coming over this evening. I will have gone to pick up Zena by now. We’ll all sit around a fire by the river and Zeke will be laying somewhere close so he can feel the fire’s heat.

My friends will make me laugh because they’ll make fun of me for the crazy way I feel about this dog. That’s okay though, that’s why they’re my friends. Somewhere around 8:00, I’ll say a toast to Zeke – because I have to do that. And finally, we’ll just enjoy each other’s company until it’s time to go.

Zeke taught me patience and to be kind for kindness sake. He taught me how to put the needs of others ahead of my own and he taught me, it’s not being weak to show you care. I believe God brought us together and said “Now, go teach the world what it means to love someone more than you love yourself.” I don’t think we’ve let God down.

Zeke’s old and he’s tired now. His joints ache, he’s gone deaf in one ear and his eyes are beginning to fail him. I once asked God to let me be the last thing Zeke sees before he closes his eyes for the last time. In return, I promised Zeke to let him go when his time was up. Zeke’s time is here. I’ve known this for a couple weeks, and tomorrow morning at 9:00 , I’m keeping my promise.

I wrote a letter to Zeke, I will post it tomorrow some time after 9:00. And then I promise, I’ll be done. Again, thank you all for your support.

I’ve called this photo, “Goodbye Ol’ Friend”.