When my dalmatian/pit mix Rusty turned 15, he developed canine lymphoma, not uncommon in older larger dogs. I suspected he might have it, but didn’t want him to go through the rigors of chemo. Still, I wanted to give him the highest quality of life until the time we’d need to say goodbye, and I wanted to be able to have him home on his last day. So I decided to bring Dr, Jason into the health care team along with my regular vet at Wilderness Village in Maple Valley. Not only did Dr. Jason communicate beautifully with me and the vet office, he also brought in some adaptations on Rusty’s meds that allowed us to have an improvement in Rusty’s energy, ease of movement and general well being. Until the very end, Rusty was able to be happy, playful, and enthusiastic about meals and time together. And on the last day, which came sooner than I had expected, Dr. Jason moved his schedule to accomodate us and allow us to say goodbye to Rusty at home. Having Dr. Jason with us in the last months of Rusty’s life was a gamechanger for me – it gave me joy to see my old dog having fun, and it gave me peace to be able to let Rusty go at home, in his own bed, without fear, and in the place he felt most comfortable and most loved.

I can’t recommend Dr. Jason enough – he was truly a blessing!