This is a long overdue testimonial for Dr. Jason and Tory. I first contacted Dr. Jason when my beloved dog Charlotte was 14. I was leaving on an Alaska cruise for my partner’s mom’s 85th birthday. I really didn’t want to go, I was worried about leaving my increasingly fragile girl behind, even though two of my sons were caring for her in our home. I was afraid something may happen while I was away. I searched and found Dr. Jason, and arranged to have my sons be able to give consent for treatment should Charlotte become ill. It gave me peace of mind knowing that Charlotte would not suffer, nor would she have to ride in the car to the vet. She had become quite compromised in her back legs, and getting into and riding in the car had become increasingly difficult and very painful. We had used a ramp with great success for about two years prior, but the incline became too much. Charlotte did just fine with the boys while I was gone! After that Dr. Jason became Charlotte’s hospice vet, bringing his calm knowledge right to our home. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am not overdramatizing this. Since we didn’t have to take Charlotte to the vet, there was no reason to subject her to the car anymore. We have a yard, and her walking became less and less. We were able to keep Charlotte comfortable for an entire additional year under Dr. Jason’s care, and she lived to be almost 16! When she became more infirm, we worked closely with Dr. Jason as Charlotte’s final visit got closer. I believe that driving to and especially from a traditional vet after a euthanasia is a traumatic experience, and potentially dangerous as well. We don’t drive well under such conditions. It may seem odd to say that Charlotte’s final visit was a beautiful experience. Note I didn’t say that it wasn’t excruciating. It was a great comfort, though, to know that Charlotte had a good life, and we were able to provide a good death. Dr. Jason and Tory have a gift. I don’t say that lightly about anyone. I would highly recommend hospice care probably long before you think you need it. I have recently been in contact with Dr. Jason again when I asked my sister to about hospice care for her elderly dog, Charlie, who hates to go to the vet. I was there when Dr. Jason got to the house. Charlie was all over him! Charlotte had really liked him too. It is great to know that Charlie, as well as my sister, are in good hands with Dr. Jason during Charlie’s senior years!