Ari was diagnosed with a tumor on his heart valve end of January. Because of his symptoms, we knew it had been growing. The vets at the emergency care did not give me much hope for more than a few weeks. I was so shocked. A friend of mine gave me the contact information for Gentle Hands Cherished Paws for palliative care. Dr. Jason was amazing. He came for several consults and was available for questions in between visits. He became Ari’s primary doctor for the remaining time. Dr. Jason got to know Ari and because of that, I felt confident that I would have a partner in helping Ari to be comfortable and help me know when it is time to let go. As it happened, Ari and I (and his pack mate) had 3 months together, the last of which I was off work. The most important part for me was quality of life to do doggie things and enjoy life–not keep him medicated and alive because I wasn’t ready. Truth be told, I wasn’t ever “ready” to let go of him, but when the day came that Ari started to suffer, Dr. Jason explained everything, treated Ari and me with compassion and respect, gave me time to absorb each phase and was gentle and respectful even after Ari was gone. Ari’s packmate was allowed to come see him after so she knew what happened. So much better than the sterile, scary atmosphere in an office.
I am so thankful for the service Dr. Jason provides. I would highly recommend Gentle Hands Cherished Paws to anyone in need of hospice, palliative care, and end-of-life planning.