This is the first time we had in home euthanasia which was so much less stressful for our cat as well as us. The thought of putting a dying cat through a car ride and ending their life in a strange scary place was more than we could bear which is why we called Dr Jason.
When Dr Jason arrived he examined our cat Cheeto who had developed FIP and was dying. He confirmed that it was time, explaining his findings. He spent a lot of time telling us what to expect so there weren’t any surprises. He gave Cheeto the shot which worked immediately. He then went outside so we could have some private time to say goodbye to our dear friend. When he came back in he very gently and respectfully put Cheeto in a cozy basket and took him to be cremated.
Dr Jason was professional, respectful and caring, we wont hesitate to call on him again when the need arises.