The hardest thing to do is to make the decision to lay your beloved pet to rest, even though the pain they are suffering through often goes silent, we know they would never ask to have happen because they are so loyal and never want to leave your side. The decision is heartbreaking, difficult and we often prolong their pain and suffering because it’s so hard on us, their loyal humans.

Zoe lives with us every day in memory, in spirit. We miss her terribly. But through all this pain, comes a light, your light. The light from Dr. Jason. There are not enough words or even the right words to express our gratitude. The depth of compassion, the breadth of support, and the level of sympathy received. He explained every single step of what was going to happen, what to expect, and gave us as much time as we wanted to spend with Zoe before her final resting. He consoled us, he supported us, he was gentle, caring, loving and truly the most compassionate person we could have wished for to take Zoe on her final journey. Zoe left us surrounded by family, in a serene warm environment at home in her own bed, and in a gentle caring way.

Gentle Hands and Cherished Paws is EXACTLY what Dr. Jason is, from the time he arrived, to the time he left. I can’t say enough good things about him. Even when my own vet would not refill her palliative care pain meds, Dr. Jason helped us by talking to the vet personally and within minutes had the issue resolved for us.

I would never lay another pet to rest any other way. We know it is inevitable at some point in time. We were lucky enough to have Zoe in our lives for over 14 years. I know this sounds odd, but thank you Dr. Jason for taking such good care of our girl, and for helping us down the path to her final resting place.