In 2013 my loving companion, Oliver was diagnosed with degenerative neuropathy. The news was devastating as I knew what was to come. Over the next 2 years his mobility slowly declined. In the beginning his care was monitored by various specialists. Every treatment was exhausted. He also had 2 bouts with cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. About a year ago he went into hospice due to the decline in his mobility. That’s when Dr. Jason and Tory became his primary care givers. They helped keep him comfortable and allowed him quality of life. They gave him and myself the gift of a few more months together. When the time came to say goodbye my family was able to come from out of town to be able to celebrate Oliver’s life with us on his final day. Dr. Jason and Tory arrived and were able to spend some time with all of us and go over in detail the euthanasia process for those family members who were not familiar. When we felt it was time they gave him an injection to sedate him first. We all spent time remembering his life. Once the sedation took effect Oliver relaxed and even started to snore in my arms. The final injection was given and his peaceful passing could not have been more beautiful. The compassion and care Dr. Jason and Tory showed was overwhelming. They were exceptionally respectful of Oliver’s body as he was covered and removed from my house. Not only were they there for Oliver when he needed them, they were there for my family and myself. I could not have asked for a better experience during such a difficult time.