From the first moment Dr Goodwin greeted my Sweetpea, she looked in his medical bag as if she was thinking well what do you have in there? You’re not scary at all and you scratch my ears I love that. He treated my dog with such care that I was relieved to know that when her time came, and she’s cheated death many times thru his great care, my heart healthy meals and regular exercise on 3 acres, she’s made it to almost 18 1/2 years. She’s slowing down and when she needed some help with certain occurrences, both Jason and Tory were wonderful. Even had Seattle Times come out and interview her. I still think she should have won. She didn’t like photographer. Lol paid him no never mind. She’s still superstar. I would recommend them for all living things that need gentle loving care.
Keep up the work. You are a blessing to many